Tamagotchi’s are back and it is better than before!

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Before having easy access to the internet, PlayStation or any gaming devices, all 90-00s babies had were Tamagotchi’s! Let us take you back to memory lane.

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The original Tamagotchi was first released in Japan during 1996 and since then, it became famous all around the world!

Image: @tamagotchi_us

Tamagotchi is a pocket gaming device that allows users to have a “digital pet” that requires their love and care to raise it into an adult creature.

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Now there’s a new version out for the next generation called Tamagotchi On.

Image: @tamagotchi_us

With exciting features added onto the device, with coloured screen, instead of the previous black and white, it retails for USD 60 and is available in 4 colours.

Image: @tamagotchi_us

Tamagotchi On also allows players to connect with their friend’s games for their pets to socialise, go on playdates and to get married to other pets wirelessly.

Image: @tamagotchi_us

One of the most useful feature that players love is the new Day-care drop-off for your pets. This saves your pet from death when you are too busy to care for it.

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Users can also now win ‘gotchi’ points, to shop for items like food, furniture, outfits and many more on any new Tamagotchi device.

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Get one for yourself or your loved ones and explore many more of these exciting features! Time to relive your memories.

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