That Mini Dynamite Of Flavor Bursting In Your Mouth

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Chinese tea was the main drink at stalls located along the route for the tired traveler to take a break.


Because tea highly aids digestion, they needed a snack to go with it hence the dim sum was born.

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Being a snack for the yum cha session, it was obviously served in small portions.

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Along the way,presentation of Dim Sum became an art where creative skills of top chefs were tested.

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With more varieties created, the Dim Sum is definitely a meal meant for sharing.

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Today, Dim Sum is a popular weekend family brunch event.

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With the growing popularity, Halal versions are created so more are able to savor this delight.

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Dim Sum is also readily available in our famous night markets.

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Time to round up your family and friends and go for a Dim Sum feast this weekend!

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