The Best FREE Games/App For Samsung VR Gear

The new S10 is launched and it comes with the latest AMOLED screen and fastest processors. What this means is, VR is now going to look even better and more will give it a try. So if you are new to it, here are the best free games for Samsung VR Gear

Image: nadhiradeee

The Presence

Just like the RPG game book where you are instructed to turn to certain pages based on your choices, this is done in a VR world. The scene is about 4 people conducting a séance that went wrong.


Face Your Fears

Imagine a horror house modelled from various Netflix horror hits and you get to take a walk through it? Eerie but surely fun.


STAR WARS: Droid Repair Bay

Following the success of The Last Jedi, the Star Wars fever is back. Let’s soothe it with this game where you repair droids and send them on their way.

Image: legendnissan


Samsung's own 360-degree video portal has been around for a while now. The highlight would be the Gone interactive story where you help find out how a young girl vanished.


Oculus Rooms

This VR portal creates a VR room where you and your friends from the same room or across the world can hang out to watch movies or even play games. You will appear and see each other as cartoonish Oculus avatar.

Image: vrportal18


This app gives you the feel of watching a Nat Geo docu-drama but in 360-degree format. There are also other music videos and short films to choose from.

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Imagine playing the 80s’ Battleship Board Game but this time in a 3D virtual format. It’s a turn based strategy game with 3 gameplay modes campaign, skirmish and multi-player.


VR Noir

It’s a P.I. movie where you play Veronica Coltrane. You take a job but the question is will you cross the lines for the money?



Not exactly a game but still fun watching TV in a VR world. The best part is you can watch TV while lying flat down on a bed or even on a yacht.


If you haven’t tried VR then its time you hop in to the nearest Samsung showroom and give it a try. You might virtually get hooked.

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