The Myths At The Gym That’s Holding You Back

"It's the new year and I'm gonna join a gym and get fit/lose weight" – Usually, the first half (joining a gym) happens and the second half never happens right? Here's usually what keeps people away from achieving their goals.

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I Need The Best Gym To Succeed

All the sauna, jacuzzi and pool, with latest tech equipment gym won’t work if it’s an hour drive from your home or office. Face it, squeezing in time to go to the gym is a challenge by itself.

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Bad Habits Die Hard

Instead of skipping gym when you don’t feel like it, why not instill a habit of forcing yourself to hit the gym even if you don’t feel like it?

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A Buddy Is All I Need

Nope. Don’t put all your eggs with one friend. Spread them out. If one can’t make it, you will have another buddy waiting for you at the gym.

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I Need A Master Plan

Don’t think about scaling the Everest when you haven’t even tried climbing up that hill at the back of your house. Let’s just start with showing up at the gym 3 times a week.

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I Eat What I Want Because I Work Out

Remember the quote "life ain't fair"? It applies here. You’re back to square one if you don’t diet while working out. Burning 500 calories and consuming back 500 calories = 0 achievement.

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I Must Stick To The Workout Routine

Wrong. You can skip exercises that you hate. Just do the ones that you like. These will keep you going to the gym and instilling good habits. As long as you sweat it out, you are burning.

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I’m Tired Today So I Better Skip As There Won’t Be Any Results.

Wrong again. Yes, there are days when you are tired, but getting 50% out of your workout is always better than nothing. Remember the habit of not skipping gym time?

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I Swear By This Workout Routine For Life

It's not a religion. Our body changes with age and muscles plateau with the same routine. Try different things all the time. What works now might not work later.

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I Need 100 Sit Ups Every Day To Get Washboard Abs

It's not happening. The six-pack is actually there but just covered with fats. Only with strict diet plans will the six-pack emerge.

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It’s Frustrating I’m Not Losing Weight Anymore

Don't measure your life with a weighing scale. If you're running faster and further, lifting more reps/heavier than before and your clothes fit better – you are a winner!

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Bottom line is you need to think lifelong fitness and not take it as a short fad. Always have your gym bag handy all the time to block out excuses. Have a Happy Fit 2019.

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