These heavenly Snickers bombarded recipes are to die for!

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Snickers’ fans can power up their intake to a higher level of drool-worthiness with these recipes!

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Follow the steps in the video recipes to achieve your very own chocolaty goodness. Can’t wait no more? Let’s jump right into it!

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1. Snickers Milkshake

Now, your Snickers milkshake can really bring all the boys to the yard!

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2. Snickers Skillet Cookie

This skillet cookie looks like it’s ready to make you feel warm and fuzzy!

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3. Spring Roll Snickers

A combination of Asian and Western! We love our spring rolls, don’t we?

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4. Snickers Cupcake

No more paying so much to get your cupcakes. You can now make your own!

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5. Snickers Slab Pie

This Slab Pie is great for parties and we are sure you will get lots of compliments! Who knows, you might be crowned dessert king/queen next!

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6. Macaron Snickers

Tired of your basic macaron flavours? Snickers is the way to go!

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Hold up! Stop salivating! It’s time to get started on your baking. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these recipes and don’t forget to save some for us!

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