Tips & tricks of being a

Plant Parent

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Popping some plants into your home seems to be the latest interior trend as it gives an aesthetic look and a dash of colour.

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If you are planning to be a ‘plant parent’, here are some tips & tricks to sustain your plant so it stays healthy and alive!

Image: @leafandlolo


Do not dehydrate your plant

Signs that your plant is under watered: slow leaf growth, dropping leaves and brown or yellow curled leaf edges. It’s time to hydrate it.

Image: @plantsbybenny


Do not over water your plant

Overwatering plants is the most common factor of plants dying. Do some research on your plant to understand how many times you should water it in a week.

Image: @queenofsucculents


Finding the right light for your plant

Every plant has different light requirements. Some plants require more light and some little light. Again, research before you buy your plants!

Image: @thepottedjungle


Find the perfect fit

Every plant has different level of maintenance. Some requires more work and some doesn’t. Look for low maintenance plants if you do not have time to take care of it.

Image: @lewinpee


Prevent bacteria in the soil

If your plant looks ‘sick’ and you can’t figure out the problem, try replacing the soil and repotting. The problem might be the bacteria in the soil.

Image: @jungle_collective

We hope this guide will help kick start your journey of becoming a plant parent!

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