Top 10 Fitness Trends That Dominated 2018

That live fit and look good for Instagram lifestyle has bloomed and nourished the fitness arena with many new trends in 2018. New innovative workouts have gained traction and here are some of the best that happened in 2018.

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Fitness On Demand

A smooth internet connection allows you to work out anytime and anywhere today. Attach a touch screen to your studio cycle or thread mill and companies will stream a live coach into your space. A library on demand of previous classes is available if you decide to work out at 3am.


Pay Per Class At Any Gym

Gone are the days when you are tied down with a one-year gym contract. You can now go to any network of gyms that are included in the system for exercise classes. It’s a monthly subscription apps where you use credits to pay for classes. (KFit, GuavaPass, Motus, ClassPass)

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#outsideisfree Movement

Trending outdoor activities are causing gym junkies to step out of their mundane indoor arena. More institutions are organizing boot camps or workouts outdoor. Fun in the sun they say.

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HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Classes

Catered for 30 mins or less, this workout is a hit with people on super busy schedules. It’s a system where you push maximum effort for 20 to 40 secs then take a 10 to 20 secs break. In short, Crash-Burn-Rest-Repeat. Work-out and bathe in under an hour. Great for lunch times.

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Work Out Before Work

More people are seen running around a park in the wee hours of the morning during weekdays. Gyms are seeing attendance rise for 6am workout sessions as well. In New Zealand and Australia, group classes at 5am are getting packed as well.

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Body Weight Training

Popular for its convenience for no equipment and minimal space required, this anytime, anywhere workout caters to any fitness level. Think push-ups, squats, planks, lunges, burpees and more, to incredibly challenge and effectively work your body.

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Aerial Workouts

Aerial fitness, hoop, yoga classes for beginners or aerial contortionism for the hard core seemed to pick up, up and away. 30ft ribbons suspend you from the ceiling while you balance and lift yourself for those mid-air Instagram shots - your abs, butt, thighs and arms will thank you later.

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Obstacle Training

Thanks to the growing trend of obstacle Spartan races and the blockbuster Ninja Warrior series, people are starting to love what a monkey does naturally - climb trees, ropes, walls and rolling in dirt.

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Group Training

Was top 20 in 2017 and made its way up to top 10. It’s a workout usually for more than 5 people with an instructor running the class. Workout choices are endless and limitless. From weights to cardio, dance or spinning.

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Fitness Programs For Target Age Groups

Currently there’s a growing market for fitness programs tailored to kids and older adults as knowledge of staying active is a great option to maintain bone and muscle mass. Don’t be surprised that some Kids Gym have 4-year-olds focusing on sport skills, gymnastics, dance and even martial arts.

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Nevertheless, it was a great 2018 as we saw expansion in fitness trends. Get active today, be it for self-improvement, personal fitness goals or just fighting obesity, it’s a good thing overall.

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