Top 2019 Malaysian Food Trends. We Try To Fatten The Facts

What’s cooking for 2019? Here are some predictions from the experts on some new trends riding high on health and eco-friendly food.

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It started with Winter Sonata and then K-Pop to K-Beauty, now the K-food will see a boom in Malaysia as well. Did you know South Korea’s No.1 food manufacturer, CJ Cheiljedang (CJ), obtained halal certification from Jakim three years ago for 46 food products? Expect a big K-Food wave to hit us.

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Kernza In, Quinoa Out

Just like the 2018 elections, Kernza will be the new grain replacing quinoa. Grown in North America, the perennial grain is praised by environmental protectionists as a cereal capable of restoring soil while helping to stabilize the climate.

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Salted Egg Yolks

The salted egg industry was really going places when we saw KFC celebrating 2018 National Day with a salted egg Goldspice Chicken secret recipe. Beside salted egg yolks coated chips or fish skin, maybe we can look forward to rojak, cendol and white coffee spiked with salted egg yolks as well?s

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A Little Relief For The Year Of The Boar

Embracing the full benefits of bacteria and making a strong comeback is fermented foods. Besides the usual cheese, these probiotics have been on the rise for a while, in the form of fermented kimchi and various pickled foods. Will 2019 be the year of our tempeh?

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Back To The Roots

The green movement has made its way back to the roots, so to speak. As veggies ride high in the food world, roots look set to be a particular trend. Anticipated hits next year will be cassava, yams and parsnips. Keep a look out for jicama – sengkuang duh!

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Hawker Food On Steroids

It’s the Malaysian way to plonk a 2000cc engine into an originally 660cc compact. So let’s start plonking a lobster into the local mee udang. We already have Lobster Nasi Lemak, Lobster Laksa. Let’s not stop there and hope for Ramlee Burger Wagyu or Giant Tiger Prawn Cucur Udang.

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Trans Fat Ban

Yes, it always has been a case of our neighbor did this and that. So with Thailand banning trans-fat, what will soon become of our roti canai, roti planta? Will we get our rotis’ with wheat and what will cakoi be like?

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Vegan Dance All Night

PETA is in a good mood as food experts noted more people are exploring plant-based snacking as their palates crave adventure. They want a break from meat and that means more veggie jerkies and faux bacon snacks will be coming your way. Anyone for vegetarian otak-otak?

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Poke Bowls

What we thought was food for Pokémon will still be a hit in 2019. POH-keh is a traditional Hawaiian dish of ‘cubed/sliced’ raw marinated fish (means healthy) served over rice and umami-packed sauces. Why not Poke our wantan mee, maggi goreng or wait…. Is Yee Sang a Poke Plate?

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Will see what happens after the first half of 2019 and come back for a Malaysian food trend review then. Meanwhile boiling 24 carrots won’t make golden soup – says corny wise man.

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