6 Viral Social Media Challenges That Had Everybody Going ‘Awww So Cute’

Image: _baha_17_

The past years, we saw many viral challenges around the world that became a craze.

Image: kiki.yennn

While some were dangerous like #KikiChallenge or #HotPepperChallenge, here’s 6 adorable ones that were saccharine sweet to the heart.

Image: Temsutula Imsong

1. What The Fluff

This peek-a-boo viral challenge attempted to fool pets with a ‘disappearing’ trick. Reactions of the pets have left people ‘awww’ing on social media.

Image: doginstamazing

2. Lip-Sync Battle

From police officers to firefighters, many hit songs saw epic renditions and even farmers showed their funny side.

Image: respect_for_cops

3. Triangle Dance

This impressive little dance gets people working as a team, from professional dancers to co-workers to school kids.

Image: trendychallenge

4. Mirror Dash

Requires participants to run like the manga/anime character Naruto with a forward squat, arms behind the back and battle-face on in front of the mirror.

Image: jazephua

5. Try Not To Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine but here you laugh, you lose. First to laugh is the loser.

Image: viralandnewsofficial

6. Snoot Challenge

In fact, this can be a good way to bond with your dog while teaching them a new trick.

Image: aussiesdoingthings

Lastly, before you try a new challenge, use some common sense and responsibility so that it’s fun and not dangerous!

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