9 Ways to Prep Your Child For The Real World

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Encourage curiosity

Endless stream of questions can be tiresome, but it should be encouraged as it enables a child to learn better and faster.

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Help your child set realistic goals

For example, when your child is just starting out in sports, don’t set your child’s target straight for the Olympic team. Set reachable short-term goals for starters.

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Encourage resilience to build competence

No one succeeds all the time. If your child fails, talk about what steps to take to do better next time. They will learn that setbacks are a normal part of life and can be managed.

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Instill independence and adventure

Set up situations where they can do things for themselves in a safe situation. Encourage exploration to expand your child's horizons and build confidence for the ability to handle new situations.

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Teach them what you know

You are your child's hero. Children will always believe what they see. Be a great role model example.

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Coach relationship skills

Building a loving parent-child relationship is of utmost importance and then followed by teaching your child compassion, kindness, self-assertiveness and how to handle the ups and downs of relationships.

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Let them act their age

Don't expect your child to act like an adult. Striving to meet advanced age expectations can reduce a child’s confidence.

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Encourage sports and physical activities

Find a physical activity that they enjoy, whether it's dance, martial arts, biking or hiking. This allows them to recognize their strengths, handle defeat and learn teamwork.

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Take them away from the LCD panel

Encourage them to engage with the real world. Increase life exposures and experiences will develop confidence in coping with future real life situations.

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Don't be over-protective of your child. Allow them to mess up every now and then. If you do all the hard work for your child, they'll never develop their abilities and confidence.

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