What is ‘Athleisure’ and how you can achieve that trendy look

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Have you seen anyone walking around with a mix of day-to-day clothing and exercise clothes? That’s called ‘athleisure’ wear.

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The trend has been going on for quite some time now. Some even call people who are into this trend, a “hype beast”.

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But not every clothing can be a part of the athleisure wear trend. Let’s discover what is acceptable and how you can achieve the look!

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These types of shoes are required to pull off the athleisure look. Get yourself a pair and you won’t go wrong!

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Sweatpants are no longer only for people in colder countries, but it is now a trend for everyone around the world! If it’s too hot, opt for a pair of sweat shorts instead!

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Patterned Leggings

These leggings usually either have a side stripe or pattern on the calve area to boost your leggings game! Pair it with a crop top or T-shirt alongside a pair of shoes and you’re good to go!

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Women Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are extremely trendy now and it is an interesting athleisure piece as people often dress it up with a blazer. Who knew that bike shorts would go together with formal wear?

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Track Jackets

Track jackets are the perfect layering piece for athleisure. The feather-weight jacket often makes the look tied together and more “hyped”!

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Get looking sporty glamorously with athleisure wear. Are you into the trend as well?

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