Whizz Up Your Kids With These AR Edu-Apps

Instead of just playing games or watching cartoons, why not use your kid’s smartphone to make them more clever? Try these simple Augmented Reality educational apps and be amazed.

Image: shaine

Sky Map

This app will tell you about the stars, planets and nebulae and other celestial objects. It’s a hand-held planetarium. It will make learning about the solar system fun for kids of all ages.

Image: uniquelyscarlet

FETCH! Lunch Rush

It’s a fun math game for kids aged 6 – 8 years old. They need to help Ruff Ruffman the dog to keep track of how many pieces of sushi everyone wants.

Image: itunes.apple.com

Quiver Vision 3D

Print out the art work from their website, color them to your personal choice then aim your phone camera at the work and see the objects come alive and dance for you.

Image: maliani.johan


With the tag line – We Learn Better In 3D, this app is like Wiki on AR. Learn how simple to complicated things work. Suitable for all ages and even adults.

Image: cmberg3


Learn to sketch with this app. Just point your phone on an empty sheet of paper and trace the lines shown through your screen. You might need a tripod for complicated sketches.

Image: sketchar.tech

Chromeville Science

Print out the marker sheets from their website and start learning about science interactively. Topics include classroom, human body, living beings, labs and planet earth.

Image: tictechteacher

Chromville World

This is a coloring app for younger students. Print out markers from their website and color them. Then see the characters come to live on your phone screen.

Image: byturko.co

AR Flashcards

Great for preschoolers. Print the flashcards from the website and start learning. They have animal alphabets, dinosaurs, space & shape and color titles.

Image: lauramarinfantil

Crayola Color Alive

This big American handicraft company has an app that’s suitable for preschoolers to adults. Print the coloring book from their site and color away. Then bring the images to life with your phone.

Image: ctkaraoke

Math Ninja

A simple addition practice game for kids aged 6 to 8. Villagers stationed around the town are holding numbers for kids to tap and answer the questions. Choose easy, medium or hard levels.

Image: shanebel25

Time to have fun and learn with the smartphone. Your kids will enjoy it.

Image: nanamahazan