Who said working out have to be boring? Join these fun classes!

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Working out alone can be demotivating at times, join these community workouts to boost your motivation.

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1. Cycle indoors with Ministry of Burn

Workout? No, they meant a Tomorrowland party! You will not only get to sweat, but you get to enjoy themed workout classes as well!

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2. Be empowered by joining SHRED classes by KOA Fitness.

KOA Fitness is a gym that’s built for women, and their SHRED classes is a full-body fat burning and toning workout class that helps you get fitter and stronger!

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3. Train your flexibility with Ariel Yoga by Aravind Yoga studio

Practice Balance, Harmony, and Energy with strong emphases on your breathing, strength, alignment and balance with Aravind Yoga. You’ll feel more flexible and fit!

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4. Release your frustrations with Tribe boxing studio

Box away in a heart-pumping nightclub atmosphere! Tribe boxing studios customize workouts tailored to your own pace, letting you be the best version of yourself!

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5. Relieve your stress by doing Yoga with Fly Lab.

Yoga is proven to be one of the most relaxing and calming exercises there ever is. Fly Lab’s Yoga classes helps to align, strengthen, challenge and inspire your fitness journey!

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Be demotivated no more as you now can start achieving your fitness goals with these classes!

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