Why Are Gen Zs Happy That Low-Rise Jeans Are Making A Comeback?

While the rest of the world detest, it’s Gen-Zers that would love to revive the Y2K fashion & mood.

Image: amberchia

They want to relive the same low-rise pants that practically made stars like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears amazing.

Image: dressupconsulting

The obsession with six pack abs is also a driving factor for low-rise to rise up the fashion ladder.

Image: sharifaheleen

With all genders equally loving the look, fashion industry experts believe in the reprisal of low-rise jeans.

Image: kit_mah

While others are saying no, Levi’s has officially added low-rise styles to its 2019 catalogue.

Image: poshmark.com

Brands like Linder, IAMGIA, and Tom Ford have been showing low-rise style on their runways.

Image: linder.nyc

However, these are what haters have to say as well.

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Most hate it because if you’re not slim enough, you’ll get the muffin top look.

Image: paulinacocina

Low-rise jeans are also not that great to sit down with as there is a high risk of – “too much information”.

Image: buttcrackbilspleet

So, you can decide if you’re “down” with it or continue to stick to the high-rise.

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