Why This Passionative Lady Wants To Take You Dancing Like A Star

Cik Manggis is 1/3 of the girls group De Fam. Besides being a successful influencer, she is also a wife, choreographer and dance instructor with a super tight schedule.

Image: cikmanggis

She started her showbiz career in 2010 getting involved in acting, dancing and singing. Her father (Shamsuddin Idris) was a drummer for a popular 60s’ band The Zurah 2.

Image: jasmine.zurah

Before her successful career in the trio girl group De Fam, she was already carving a career in acting since 2015 and in 2017, she landed a major role in Saka Sisters by Astro Warna.

Image: layandrama

Her group De Fam started getting noticed in 2014 for the cover version of Rita Ora’s Black Widow that garnered half million views on Facebook and 100K views on YouTube in a week span.

Image: defamofficial

She got married to Kuala Lumpur FA footballer Syazmin Firdaus Aminuddin in 18 October 2014.

Image: defamloversss

With her super busy life, she gets her drive and motivation from imagining her husband’s and father’s faces as this gives her a confidence booster.

Image: cikmanggis

Although she found fame in acting and singing, dancing has been her biggest passion and she even labels dancing as her life.

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She also teaches girl choreography dance classes at 2Twenty2 studios on Saturdays.

Image: 2twenty2studio

Her advice to budding influencers is to be transparent and progress with a small but strong audience rather than buying followers online.

Image: cikmanggis