Why Travellers Like To Choose Homestay Vacations

With so many choices to hit the sack during your vacation, more and more travelers are deciding on homestay. Here are 10 good reasons why.

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Home Away From Home

A homestay has a homely atmosphere that a world class hotel just can’t provide. Luxury does not necessarily mean coziness.

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Check In/Out Time

The times are usually more flexible as you can arrange directly with the home owner. If there is no booking the next day, you could check out later.

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Economically Effective

Great for budget travelers, especially larger groups and family. With the homeowner’s consent, you can even bring along a sleeping bag if beds are not enough.

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Great For Large Parties

Usually comes with a living hall and dining area, it’s easier for a large travelling group or family to commingle.

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Meet The Locals

There is no better way to meet the locals than to stay with or around them. The host is usually warm and helpful towards guest.

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A Great Start

When you are moving to a new city for work, it’s a great start as you can get a lot of help and tips from the locals.

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Experience Local Living

Homestays with the hosts are the best as you can request to share a meal and get a real taste of local food. If you’re lucky enough, you might taste a grandma’s secret recipe dish.

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Solo No More

If you are a solo traveler, homestays will provide you with more interaction as a guest when the hosts hang out at communal areas.

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Break The Language Barrier

When visiting countries with languages that are foreign to you, try picking up basic command of the language through communicating with the locals.

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Beyond Tourist Hotspots

Besides common spots highlighted on the travel brochures, locals can sometimes point you to a hidden gem off the beaten path.

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Join the bandwagon of holiday homestayers and make unique memories to cherish as you learn from genuine residents about the local cultures and customs.

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