Your favourite food in the clouds is now available in Mid Valley!

Image: @matthewlimassociates

Yes, you saw that right! You no longer need to go on an AirAsia flight to have their food. Head over to ‘Santan and T&Co’ restaurant in Mid Valley!

Image: @benjern

For all of you Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak lovers, this must be a dream come true! Who would’ve thought that this could happen?

Image: @santan.asean

Santan and T&Co is the first ASEAN fast food restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, and it aims to bring people together through their shared love for food.

Image: @matthewlimassociates

Enjoy specialities like, Malaysian Uncle Chin’s chicken rice, Cambodian Pineapple fish noodles, Chicken Inasal with garlic rice from Philippines and more!

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Better yet, they also have a range of ASEAN-sourced coffee, tea, snacks, and desserts which includes, Nasi Lemak Quinoa Wrap and Onde-Onde Cake.

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Santan and T&Co also has digital kiosks for convenience, and they also aim to be eco-friendly as all their cutleries are bio-degradable.

Image: @adib_khalid

For those of you who are worried that the restaurant may be too far for you, fret not, as they aim to open five more restaurants by the end of 2020!

Image: @santan.asean

We are sure that Santan and T&Co will be a hit! What better way to celebrate different diversities with different food?

Image: @adrisinsyiraah