You’re A Confirmed Bobaholic With These Thingamajigs

It’s not Boba Fett’s favourite drink, so don’t get confused. Boba tea and bubble tea is the same thing.

Image: chatimecanada

Latest Bobavation

You can now have it like a steamboat or even ice-boat at Galaxy Tea Bar. Currently available only in Penang.

Image: mablemaeve

Wang Tea Egg

Sweet potato noodle milk tea with tea egg, only available in Taiwan at the moment.

Image: hanyu_912

Crème Brûlée Boba

Actual crème brulee in your milk tea @Royaltea Malaysia!

Image: shazza_dazzle

Whiskey Boba

Boba is amazing, alcohol is amazing. Put them together, wham bam, you’ve got a teapsy combination.

Image: youngmastersmy

Tiger Beer Boba

Cool mixture of chinese tea and beer at MyBobaLab @ Seapark PJ.

Image: "mybobalab_malaysia"

Boba Tea Lamp

This ambient lamp stands at 5 inches in height and comes with its own set of ‘pearls’ inside, from

Image: smokonow

Try our compilation list and see if your boba obsession can be appeased!

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