You’re A Naughty Girl When You Pick Up These Crazes

We have a fair share of weird beauty trends this year with many jumping on the bandwagon to showcase their following. Would you be trending it on your social media?

Image: moonieckm

Brows That Wow

If you’re up for some painstaking wait for a professional artist to dress up your brows, by all means, go for it!


Flower Vase Hair

If you can walk through doors without knocking off those flowers, you’re a champ!

Image: taytay_xx

Rainbow Teeth

If you don’t mind people taken aback with your multi-coloured teethy smile, you’re cheesier than we thought.

Image: drdrbetz

Spiked Lashes

Lady Gaga shows that extremely spiky lashes don’t deter her love from showing his affection.

Image: ladygaga

3D Nail Art

Nails made out of modelling clay for some visual fun but you’ll need to handle with care, or else!

Image: weirdopedia

Would you be trying these styles or would you be starting off a new trend?

Image: jxhia